Will You Marry Me?


How many times have you heard someone say that to you in your life?  Hopefully only once or twice and it was from someone you actually loved.

If you’ve been in the home based business profession for any amount of time, you’ve probably been approached by people who don’t know you from adam and you have no idea how they found you, but they are bold enough to ask you for your hand in marriage! YIKES!!  Not the marriage with wedding vows in front of your family members and friends, but they want you to join them in your business.  My favorite is when they say “You’re exactly the type of person I’m looking for!” How the h%*&ll do they know that? They haven’t even asked me the first question about my life, my business, my goals, or even if I’m looking for another business at this time.

STOP that behavior if you’re one of the guilty ones who have done that.  Treat your business, and the people you want to attract, just like you would treat strangers at a party or a networking event.  The best way to repel someone away from you is by asking them to “marry you” on the first date.  Start off by introducing yourself and ask them questions about themselves.  People love to talk about themselves. Then, if and only if, they ask you about yourself should you say anything about what it is that you do.  I have found over the years that the ones who don’t ask me about myself aren’t worth my time.  I usually just gracefully end the conversation with them and move on.  There are enough other people out there who I can bond with.

My main message here is JUST BE YOU! Don’t try to be someone you’re not (especially if that person is a weirdo who asks people to marry them even before they ask them their name)! This new and friendly behavior is what will turn the home based business profession around from being “one of THOSE things” to “Oh, that’s fantastic…I wish I could do that”.

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