Why You Should Use Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business


Think about it…what businesses do you know of who don’t advertise?  And, how much money do you think they spend on their advertising?  When a brick and mortar business opens its doors, they advertise to let everyone know they’re opened for business

Open for Business

So, why wouldn’t you, a network marketing/direct sales business owner, advertise to let people know you’re there for them?  And, why wouldn’t you want to use free tools to do it?

The main advantage of social media marketing is cost-related. The majority of social media sites are free to access, create a profile and post information. The advantage of reaching your targeted market for little or no cash investment is substantial, and the audience wanting your information voluntarily joins or follows you. Pay-per-click advertisements on sites such as Facebook are “geo-targeted” according to specific criteria, to reach the correct audience. The viral nature of social media means that each person who reads your posts has the capability to spread the news farther within his own network, so information can reach a large number of people in a short time.

Just like with every other type of advertising, though, you have to have a plan.  Following these steps will ensure you get off on the right foot:

  • Define your strategy – create a plan that explains the purpose and goals of your social media marketing, such as improving brand recognition and increasing traffic to your website. Identify the target market you want to reach. Figure out the problems and challenges your audience experiences for which your products and services provide a solution. Finally, decide on the types of social media you want to use to reach potential customers — among the options available to you are Facebook, blogs, Twitter, YouTube videos and LinkedIn.  Pick one strategy and master it…remain focused until you’re generating 10-20 leads a day with that one strategy and then you can try another one.
  • Creating Content – The first task in putting social media marketing to work for your business is to develop the look and feel you want as well as basic content for the social media tools you choose to use. Develop headers and cover images that reflect who you are (for inexpensive headers and logos, head over to Fiverr where everything starts at just $5!  I had my logo and blog header done there. Then provide basic information about your company — including a brief background on who and what your business is all about along with a link to your website and your YouTube channel.
  • Post content daily  Whether it’s a written blog post, a video blog, a YouTube video, or a status update on Facebook, you need to post something every day.  You’re trying to build that “Know, Like, & Trust” factor on social media and people won’t know who you are unless you’re out there.

Here’s the key, though…don’t post with the sole purpose of pitching everyone on your website or business. THE ONLY GOAL WITH POSTING IS THE SHARE VALUE WITH YOUR TARGET MARKET! The sales will come naturally if people know, like, and trust you.  If they see you for who you are and your passion for your business, they will naturally want to work with you.

Another important tip here is to post as if you were talking to your best friend.  If you wouldn’t say something out loud to your friend, do NOT say it online.  Be YOU…Everyone else is taken!  I love that saying.

Finally, social media allows you to be a global expert in your field.  What I mean here is it allows you to present yourself to millions of people around the world as an expert in your field.  For example, if you’re in the skin care business, you can post videos and target only the people who are interested in skin care products around the world (that is, if your company is global).  When you brand yourself vs. the company you represent, it protects against you losing everything if the company goes away for some reason (I’ve seen it happen too many times before).  As your own brand, you can eventually sell your own products (e.g. training, ebooks, etc.).

I’d love to hear from you!  Comment below if you got value from this post.

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P.S. If you’d like to get started on Facebook today, click here for a free cheat sheet!

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