Which Social Media Platform is the Right One for You and Your Home Based Business?


You’re either a network marketer, affiliate marketer, or internet marketer and you decided that you want to generate leads online. But, with so many different choices, how do you decide which one to use for your home based business?

Social Media Platforms And Which One Should You Use?

Before I begin, let me just say that it’s imperative that you figure out who your target market is and what they look like. If you don’t know who you’re targeting, it’s like driving without a GPS system…you WILL get lost. For example, if you’re in the home based business industry, your target market is network marketers, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers. You could expand that and add affiliate marketers too, if you’d like.

Here’s a short checklist to help you figure out who your ideal customer is

  • Create YOUR Wish List – Describe who is your perfect customer in detail
  • What Do You Want To Sell? – Get detailed about your product or service
  • What Is Your Customers World View? – What are their interests, concerns, problems, and goals
  • What Is Your Customers Language? – List terms & keywords your customer would use in their everyday business
  • Synchronize – How does your product solve the interests concerns, problems, and goals described in step 1

Now that you know who your customers are, use this blog post to figure out where you’re going to look for your customers. My recommendation is to pick the one that resonates with you and master it. Once you’re generating 10+ leads per day using that method, add another method. That will eliminate feelings of overwhelm and frustration.


The primary purpose of Facebook is to build brand loyalty and reputation. It establishes your business as an authority through interesting content and informational posts.

Facebook has some unique attributes:

  • Reaches a variety of segments of an audience with one post
  • Offers opportunity to create ads to drive traffic to your website/blog
  • Encourages dialogue and depth with a customer base
  • Ideal for sharing personal stories, testimonials, detailed information about your business

Facebook’s average age range of users is  25-45 years old and the gender of its usersis 60% female & 40% male. Once you know who your target market is, this information is very important.


The primary purpose of Twitter is to share breaking news and quick updates, promotes new products, content, or brand contests, collects instant feedback from your audience.

It’s Unique Attributes:

  • Serves people looking for quick info, company news, and immediate response to questions about products or events
  • Focuses on dialogue creation and starting conversations with customers
  • Known for its hashtag (#) communication functionality
  • Best platform for PR/publicity purposes when traditional media does not respond

Twitter’s average age range of users is 18-29 years old & its gender of users is 50% female, 50% male.


Pinterest’s primary purpose is that it acts as an online scrapbook, showcases products, and displays brand essence through inspiration boards.

Its Unique Attributes:

  • Generates leads and drives traffic to other content (or back to your website)
  • Visually promotes and highlights products/services through images
  • Provokes immediate or future Call-to-Action (CTA) responses
  • Allows you to micro-target your search with clearly defined categories

Most businesses find that Facebook helps strengthen relationships once initially established. If you want to grow an audience around promotions and sales, Twitter or Pinterest has the quickest impact. Check out these informative results of the 2014 Pew Research Center study.

My recommendation is to start with the social network that resonates with you and master that one first.  Once you’re generating 10+ leads per day, then you can add another platform.  I actually use all 3 to drive traffic back to my blog, but my main focus is on Facebook.

I hope this helped you figure out your social media marketing strategy. Let me know by leaving me a comment below and please feel free to share this post with all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

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