What Is The Right Business Model For You?


Are you trying to figure out this whole make money online thing? You’ve probably tried mlm and/or direct sales but talking to everyone you know about a business they may or may not be interested in doesn’t appeal to you. Ok, I’m projecting a bit! LOL!

I had been in network marketing for about 10 years when I decided that I wanted to find out how to find leads on the internet. I knew a woman who was successfully doing it in the company that I was with, so I started following and learning from her.

What happened next surprised me. I discovered a whole new world online and found out that it’s really fun and profitable. Meeting people from all over the world, from the comfort of your home, is fun! Yes, I learned how to build websites (no need to do that anymore) and I learned how to build capture pages (no need for this either unless you want to), and how to prospect on all the different social media platforms (more about this later as it’s the way to get people to see what you have to offer), but most importantly, I discovered a whole new business model that doesn’t require you to approach every person you meet and is much more profitable than any network marketing company that I was ever involved in.

Before I explain what this business model is, let me just say that there are good business models and there are bad business models. You probably have those bad business models in your head. Now, I realize that what’s bad for one person, may not be so bad for someone else. Network marketing is a great business model…one that I was in for several years and it works! It definitely works, but it’s not the right business model for me. I don’t fit into the “talk to everyone you meet” business model. I would rather enjoy my dinners out or my sporting events with my kids without having that nagging feeling that I should be talking to the person sitting next to me about my business.  I also found it quite intrusive to have to go to networking meetings and have meetings with my distributors and their prospects and distributors. It’s supposed to be a “home” based business but I didn’t see where the “home” part fit in. That’s why I went online to begin with.  Plus, the commissions are a lot smaller.  You have to work a whole lot harder to make the kind of money that is possible in network marketing & direct sales, than the type of money you can make in the business model I adopted.

This business model is called affiliate marketing where you sell other peoples’ products and earn a commission when you do. Some companies pay their affiliates 10%, some pay 50%, and then there are others that pay upwards of 90% commission on high ticket products. That means more money for you!! And, the beauty of this model is that you don’t have to do any of the selling!  The website and the people behind the products do all the selling for you. Are you starting to get the picture? You can be out doing what you love to do and someone else (possibly in another part of the world) is selling products on your behalf all because you introduced someone to them. Pretty cool, right??!!

How, exactly, do you do this anyway? I’m glad you asked! Haha! Your only role, as an affiliate, is to get people to click on your affiliate link (given to you by the company you’re selling for) . You can place ads, post on Facebook, search engines, forums, chat boards, etc. You know all those ads you click on online? They’re not always posted by the company…affiliates post them for the company and when people buy from their links, they profit.

Just like with any business model, there is a learning curve, but it’s possible, and highly recommended, to make money as you learn. After you get your affiliate link, you need to figure out what your target market is and place the link right in front of them. You wouldn’t want to sell ice to an eskimo, after all!

I’ve tried a bunch of different systems and products that promised to deliver but what ended up happening is that I learned many ways that don’t work. This is great news for you because I am saving you a lot of time and money by introducing you to the best system I know of that, not only will teach you how to drive that traffic to your offer, but it will give you hundreds of products to choose from so you can really customize and scale your business to fit who you are and who you’re trying to attract.

I’d like to offer you a free gift, a book, that explains, step by step, how this business works and introduces you to the company that I’ve found which is called MOBE (My Online Business Education).

Click here for your free copy of Limitless!

I hope this helped you understand that there are options when you’re thinking about a home based business and that you will take a serious look into this affiliate program. It’s the real deal! I look forward to meeting you soon inside this awesome program.

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