How To Use Social Media For Your Home Based Business


A lot of network marketers, direct salespeople, and affiliate marketers wonder what the best method for growing their business is. There are so many different ways, but the one I’ll focus on here is social media.

But, even with social media, there are so many different ways so I’d like to focus on 7 different social media platforms that you can use.

Before we get started, though, you really need to figure out what your message is and then pick the one social media platform that you resonate with. For me, it’s Facebook. For you, it might be Twitter or Instagram…I can’t tell you which one to use.  I’ll explain the differences of each one and even lead you to lots of detailed training programs so you can learn the ones you like.

Most importantly, though, is that whatever platform you choose, treat social media like an in-person networking event or social gathering. You wouldn’t walk up to someone in person and say “Hi my name is Jane Doe and you need to click on this link and buy my stuff”, right? No…you would say “Hi, how are you?” and then start a conversation to learn about the other person.

This business is a relationship business, so get really good at building relationships, making friends, and having fun!  Because, if it’s fun it won’t feel like work.

Now that you know what your message will be, let’s figure out which social media platform is right for you.


Pick one of these 7 social media strategies to share your business with the world:

Facebook -Primary purpose is to share breaking news & quick updates, promote new products, content, or brand contests, collects instant feedback from your audience

Twitter – Primary purpose is to share breaking news & quick updates, promote new products, content, or brand contests, collects instant feedback from your audience

Instagram – You can tell a story with both photos and videos. As soon as you upload an Instagram image, you can see within seconds that someone has liked it

Pinterest – will help you introduce your business and blog to a whole new audience.  One pin can lead to 10 pins, which can lead to another 10 pins, and so on.

LinkedIn – Great for meeting customers, getting in touch with vendors, recruiting new employees, & keeping up with the latest business or industry news

YouTube – great for video marketing and it’s the second largest search engine (Google is first)

Periscope – full disclosure – I have an account but have never used it! Facebook Live serves the same purpose.

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After you get the scoop, let me know which social media platform you choose so we can get connected on whichever one it is. You can have accounts on all of them and direct traffic from your blog to each of them, but to start with, just focus on one until you’re consistently generating 10+ leads per day. Then, you can add another one to the mix.

Leave me a comment below and feel free to share with your network if you found value here.

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