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You’re on Twitter but the time it takes to post as often as you need to is understandably overwhelming! Believe me, I thought the same thing but then I learned about some tools that are making my life so much easier.  In this blog post, I want to pay it forward and make your life easier too.

My Favorite Twitter Tools

Screenshot 2015-12-08 14.13.55#1 Tweet Jukebox  – one of the coolest tools that I’ve ever seen.  This one allows you to schedule tweets as often as you want. They even give you a library of tweets from famous people that you can use or you can use all your own tweets.  The reason it’s called “jukebox” is because it picks your tweets randomly and they will go out automatically without you having to be at your computer all day long. Check it out here (I’m not an affiliate and will make no money).  Best of all, it’s FREE unless you want a more robust account.

Screenshot 2015-12-08 14.53.10

#2 – this tool allows you to follow and unfollow people in bulk and to automatically send a direct message to your new followers.  You can also connect your Instagram account.  One of the cool features of this tool is the fact that you can plug in a leader’s name, from your niche, and follow the people who are following them.  That way, they’ll follow you back.  Since the whole goal with any social network is to constantly grow your reach, this is a great tool to use.  With the free account, you can follow 50 people a day but you can pay a monthly fee and those limits will be lifted.  Click the image to the left or click here for access to this great tool.

Other Great Twitter Tools

Screenshot 2015-12-08 15.13.03 #3 Crowdfire – This tool does the same thing as and can also connect both Twitter and Instagram.  I have used this one too and, really, it’s a personal preference.  You make the decision yourself which one you like better.  Check it out by clicking here!


Screenshot 2015-12-08 15.21.30 #4 Socialoomph – This tool does the same things the other ones do, with one caveat.  You have to pay for the Auto-DM and Followback capabilities so I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you want to add Facebook, LinkedIn, and a couple of other apps to the mix.  Check it out here.

There are more tools out there, but these are the ones that I’ve had the most experience with and I just had to share.  I hope this post helps you in your quest for automation.  If you got value, please feel free to comment below and share it with your network.

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