The One Skill You Need To Become Financially Secure


Do you ever wonder how someone you know went bankrupt and then a few years later became a millionaire? It’s like they waved a magic wand and produced the secret potion that they needed to be successful again. It’s really not magic and really because they had ONE skill…


Real financial security is not in how much money you currently have. It’s in your ability to get more money whenever you want it.

That’s why you see millionaires go bankrupt, and within a few years, they’re millionaires again. They didn’t just get lucky the first time. They have the skills that they can draw upon again and again.

The most valuable of these skills is the skill of problem solving. With this skill, you’ll be able to quickly get yourself out of any bankruptcy or overcome any major challenge in your business.

In this video, from a mastermind in the Bahamas, Jeff Gardner, a long time entrepreneur, explains this one skill you need to have.

You may be asking “But, how do I know what problems to solve?” The best advice I can give you is to choose your niche, know your customer really well, and then solve their problems. For example, my niche is baby boomers who had a successful career but for one reason or another, do not have financial security for their “golden” years. So, their problems may be 1) they don’t have any savings, 2) they are in debt up to their eyeballs and can’t see a way out, 3) they want to travel the world but can’t afford it right now, 4) still have kids in college and want to pay cash for their education. These are just a few but I think you see my point.

Many baby boomers have given up on ever having a great retirement.

In fact, some started and are now ending their lives in 2 of the most depressing economies the world has ever seen.

Almost a quarter of all boomers said they had difficulty paying their mortgage or rent in the past 12 months, and a growing number are putting off retirement.

Only 27 percent of baby boomers are confident they will retire comfortably, and over 60 percent don’t have ANYTHING saved at all.

Many boomers are probably realizing they may have to work all the way to the end.

So is it too late for baby boomers to get wealthy?

Absolutely not!

That’s why 2 baby boomers I know are on a mission to help others just like them and they have developed a system called the “Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough.”

Right now, you can see a complimentary new video that can show you how to “build the life you love!”

There is no experience required! Anyone can do this. But there are limited spots. So I highly encourage you to click the link below, right now!

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Once you know your customer really well, then you can figure out how to solve their problems. Either you have the expertise to solve them yourself or you find a company that has products that will solve your customers’ problems and you become an affiliate.


Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products and make commission doing so. It’s an easier way to establish yourself online than creating your own products and selling those.

Once you see success in selling other people’s products, then, perhaps you can create your own products but, at first, it’s much easier and faster to find a company whose products will solve the problem (s) of your ideal customer.

When you’re choosing the system/company you think you want to partner with, make sure they have the right team behind it. The company that Chris and Susan and I work with have a great team of mentors, training, and professional sales people who will close your sales for you. You don’t even have to pick up the phone if you don’t want to (of course, you can choose to do that if you want). It’s important to be able to leverage a system, especially when you’re brand new, to be able to show other people that it’s a lot easier than they think.

Before I found the Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough, I had done a lot of research. Most systems I found were either scams or didn’t offer the team of mentors and a great community of other people like myself. I wasted a lot of time and money so that’s why I know that this thing is the real deal!

I look forward to meeting you soon but, in the meantime, leave your comment below so we can start a real conversation.

Till next time,

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