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You’re working hard every day and you’re putting in the hours that you think you need in order to have a great life before and after retirement, but you just can’t seem to get ahead of the debt that you’ve racked up over the years. Yes, it’s a “first world” problem and other people may be looking at you thinking that you have it so good, but you know what’s really going on, right?!

You’re scared that you might lose everything at this point and you’re losing sleep over it. It seems there’s no way to ever get out of the debt that you’ve accumulated but there are many ways that you can choose to help you and your family get there. Use your fear as motivation. It works (I have personal experience with this one).

What’s the Best Solution?

The best solution to get out of debt is to become a salesperson. I don’t mean the cheesy kind and you might be thinking that you hate sales, but think about it. Everything you do in life has some type of sales component to it. When you want to do something that your significant other doesn’t want to do, you need to sell the idea, right?! When you don’t want to do something that your significant other wants to do, you need to sell the reason you don’t want to. LOL! Even if you’re not in a sales job every day, you might have to present an idea to your boss and/or your team at some point. SALES! I could go on but I think you get the idea.

How Do I Go About This?

There are so many options to be able to make money out there. The best way to start thinking about it is to think about what you like to do. What are your passions? What are your hobbies? If you can figure out a way to do what you love doing anyway and then figure out a way to monetize it, it will never feel like work!

That’s not to say that you have to produce products around the things that you’re good at. Chances are, they exist already. Your only job, in order to make money with it, is sales & marketing. If your competition isn’t as good as you are at actually doing what it is that you’re good at, but they know how to market their product or service and then sell it, they will always make more money than you.

Once you figure out what type of product or service you want to provide, now you need to research companies that are already doing it and join forces with them. As you’re researching, you need to look for companies that have a system that you can leverage, including assistance when you need it, so you can learn what it will take to gain the sales and marketing skills you need in order to compete. The best way, in my opinion, to learn and implement these skills is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you represent someone else’s products that will solve the problems of your niche (or target) market. For example, if you’re target market falls in the business education niche, the best company that I’ve found (and that I have partnered with) is called MOBE (My Online Business Education) and it offers hundreds of products that entrepreneurs people start, maintain, and grow their businesses. As I said before, when you’re researching, you need a company that puts you first…one that will help you, step by step, until you feel comfortable…and, one with a community of other entrepreneurs who are always willing to help. MOBE is one of those companies and it’s the one that I recommend you check out here.

Case Studies

I hope this has helped you figure out what direction you want to take in overcoming debt. I’d love to have a conversation with you, so reach out to me on Facebook or email me directly at with questions and/or your goals and we can go from there. As always, I’d love to see your comments below too.

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