Focus – It’s What Counts For Home Based Business Owners

Staying focused…sometimes, my biggest challenge!!  How about for you?  Do you find it hard to stay focused on your business?  Or, if you’re not quite there yet with a home based business, are you finding it hard to stay focused trying to figure out what to do with your life?  There’s a saying in the network marketing profession…It’s Easy To Do and It’s Easy NOT to do!”  I hope my tips will help you today.

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Struggling With Lead Generation?


I love Network Marketing, but the thought of talking to everyone I know, and to everyone that I meet on a daily basis, about the idea of joining me on my mission, just didn’t sit well with me.  It just wasn’t who I was!  It wasn’t natural for me to be sitting at meetings, or my kids’ sporting events or at social events and be constantly thinking about how I was going to bring up the subject of them joining me in my business.  I’m a very easy going and non-intrusive person so it just didn’t seem right. Continue reading