So Many Social Media Platforms…Which One Should You Choose?

You’ve decided on your social media strategy that you want to move ahead with. Or not…Let’s assume that you don’t know what method you’d like to use. That’s where I come in.  We’re going to figure out which direction you want to take.
My best advice for figuring out which strategy you’ll use is to use the method that you resonate with.  That is, do what you like to do.  I love the “social” social networks like Facebook and Twitter where you can actually have real conversations with people.  So, if you are a social person and like meeting new
people in real time, go with Facebook or Twitter.

But, here’s the thing…and this is really important…focus on ONE method and master it until you’re consistently generating 10 leads per day with that one method alone.  Then, and only then, move on and add another method.

When I first started online, I tried to be on every social network site at the same time. DON’T DO THAT!! It led to overwhelm and frustration.  As soon as I focused on Facebook alone, the leads started pouring in. In fact, one video that I posted on FB brought me 80 leads!!!

Here’s a breakdown of the different social media platforms and my opinion of each one (Disclaimer: these are only my opinions so if you like one that I don’t, it’s ok.  Go for whichever one you like):

Facebook is right for you…if you are building a community presence or want to reach as broad a network as possible. Not only does it have the most users, it is the most-frequently used, which demonstrates a high level of engagement. With the addition of Fan Pages,your possibilities are great with promoting your business on Facebook.

LinkedIn is right for you… if you are in B2B or in another industry or role in which you can provide useful insights to people thinking about their work, seeking to make business connections, or looking for their next job. While LinkedIn is trying to broaden the scope of its information, most users are in work mode on LinkedIn so it is optimal for peer networking and industry-specific information. Given the high income and education levels of the average LinkedIn user, it offers a distinct audience worth targeting with the right message.  Join groups and add value to discussions.  Answer people’s questions and you’ll become the authority in their eyes.

Pinterest is right for you… if you are in a highly visual industry with customers who will naturally seek to express themselves through images. However it can also work in areas that you might not consider visual at first glance. Think about your audience and their interests. Are they likely to collect images that will inform their product or service buying decisions? Are they deeply interested in a subject that can be visually represented? Given Pinterest’s particular popularity among women, it is also the place to be if that is your target market. Inspire and inform them on Pinterest and you can create real engagement.

Twitter is right for you… if you want to reach both men and women, especially younger ones. It is also particularly appealing to “information junkies” so if your business lends itself to the provision of topic-based news or timely insights, Twitter is a great choice. As with Facebook, Twitter is more effective when it is a two-way platform in which you respond to and engage with followers.

Instagram is right for you if, like Pinterest, you have a visual aspect to what you do and what your customers are interested in. Interestingly, its users also often overlap with Twitter so it can be good as part of a one-two punch.

I hope you’re now ready to get past your social media anxiety and choose the platform (or platforms) that are right for you. Certainly, that means finding your customers where they are with the right kinds of content–be it original or collected from news, entertainment, sports or other trusted sources. But it also means being realistic about what you are willing and able to do in terms of interaction.

Social media is, after all, a two-way channel so you need to participate in conversations that make sense for your customers and your business.

I’d love to hear which platform you choose.  Reply back to me and let me know which one it is!

Till next time,


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