Small Business & Entrepreneurial Training – Is It Necessary?


Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur? Do you know what it’s going to take to get to the next level of your business?  Or, do you just have an idea for a business but aren’t quite sure how to get it off the ground?  Or, are you a serial entrepreneur who wants to start a business but you have no idea what to do?

In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, there are 2 skills that you need to master:

  • The art of selling, and
  • Creativity

Let’s touch on each of these 2 skills.  The art of selling is imperative to seeing success when you’re in business for yourself, no matter what the business is.  So, if you’re afraid of selling, the best way to overcome that fear is to learn from the best sales people.  One book that’s in our library at home is “How To Master The Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins and there are so many more that you can learn from.  Just “Google” it.  But, one of the ways that’s enabled me to get over my fear is to put it all in perspective.  What I mean by that is that in my opinion, life is a big sale.  LOL!!  Think about it.  As kids, we were always trying to “sell” our parents on letting us go play at our friends’ houses.  As adults, we’re always trying to get people to see our point of view on things…isn’t that sales?  I think so.  But, just like anything else, with a little bit of education & practice, we all get better.

On the subject of creativity, the ability to see things that other people don’t necessarily see, is a sign of a great entrepreneur.  Some even say that creativity is a bigger predictor of success in life than intelligence.  Just think…what if Thomas Edison hadn’t had a dream of electricity.  His teachers all thought he was mentally challenged, but his mother told him they said he was a genius instead.  If she hadn’t, our lives would probably be very different.  When you have a vision for what you want, creativity just happens.  One of my favorite sayings is “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

Now that you know the two things you need in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, where do you go to get some entrepreneurial training?  You could just “Google” the topic but you’ll find (literally) millions of articles on the matter.  I’ve been testing many systems over the years and have finally found the one that will help me take my business to the next level.  Click the image below for the inside scoop on what will become the #1 Small Business Training Company In The World!



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