How To Set Up an Efficient Office Space for Your Home Business


Many people think that they would never be able to work from home because they either don’t have the space or there are too many distractions. But, if you design your space, for your home business, the right way, it CAN definitely work!

Working from home is exciting because it can offer you a very relaxing environment but it needs to be designed so that it’s totally separate from your home environment. There can be a lot of distractions at home so your home office needs to separate you from those distractions. If at all possible, put your office space near a window in the back of your house so you can look out onto greenery. At the same time, though, make sure your office isn’t too casual or comfortable as this can lead to no work getting done. suggested these questions to ask yourself before you begin:

  • What will you be doing in the space?
  • What type of work needs to be done?
  • Will external clients be visiting the space?
  • Will colleagues visit for collaborative work?
  • What type of materials will be referenced and/or stored?
  • What type of equipment is required?
  • When will I be doing the bulk of my work?
  • Will I be making conference calls?
  • Will I be video conferencing?


Then, figure out where your office will be. Do you have a guest room that’s only used once or twice a year that can become your workspace? If not, perhaps you have a nook or a closet that you’re not using. Here’s a picture of a great design that I saw for that type of space.

Wherever your office ends up, keep all of your work in there so you can separate work from your personal life. You can even close the door if you’re in a separate room, while you’re working which will set boundaries for other people in your home and will keep distractions at a distance.

Along with setting boundaries, set your office hours and keep to them on a daily basis. This will help you be more productive and create a separation between work life and home life.┬áhas a great article with many more suggestions that you’ll find helpful.

There are some essential items that you need in your office to help with your success. These items include a computer with a good monitor, high speed internet access, phone or VOIP (or you can just use your cell phone), all-in-one printer (doesn’t have to be anything fancy or too expensive), good lighting, file cabinet, bookcases, desk with drawers, paper shredder, surge protector, greenery (green plants have been proven to have a positive affect on people while they work so put some green houseplants in your office).

I hope this article helped you to start planning your home office that will lend itself to a very successful home business for you.

To your success,

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