My review of Network Marketing Pro – Eric Worre’s Recruiting Mastery Course


Screenshot 2015-12-02 11.13.48In January of 2012, Eric Worre had perfect timing as far as I was concerned.  I had a nasty case of the flu and was in bed for practically the whole month, so I decided to invest in Eric’s course called “Recruiting Mastery”.

If you’ve been in the network marketing niche for any period of time, you’ve most certainly heard of Eric Worre.  If not, go to his website by clicking on his image below (I make no money from this…I just wanted to share)

Eric Worre

He does daily short videos on great topics about how to succeed in network marketing.  You’ll love them.  You can also find him on Facebook on his page right here where he has a very engaged community of  842,691 people.  I’ll see you in there!

Anyway, back to January 2012 when I was in bed totally engaged in Eric’s Recruiting Mastery class…I would like to teach you some of the things that he taught me almost 4 years ago.  This stuff is evergreen (it’s still relevant) and these principles will never change.  So, are you ready?  GREAT!  Here we go…

Your activity:

Programming —-> Thoughts —-> Attitude —-> Activity —-> Results —-> Lifestyle

You have to work on the first 3 before your activity will matter.

Next, he had us list the 5 people that we would like to spend time with.  Go ahead and do that now if you’d like.  I chose 5 leaders in my world at that time and you can do the same.  The first one, of course, was Eric Worre, himself.

Then, he outlined the 4 step process to changing your thoughts:

  1. Awareness –  you have to be aware of your thoughts
  2. Understanding –  you need to understand them
  3. Disassociation – you need to disassociate from negative thoughts
  4. Reprogramming your mind – you need to reprogram your thoughts from negative to positive

Your thoughts go hand in hand with the 4 important attitudes:

  1. Past – your attitude about your past (which, by the way, is no indication of what your future will be)
  2. Future – you must have a great attitude about where you’re going
  3. Self – this is the most important one, in my opinion, since if you don’t have a positive attitude about yourself, no one else will
  4. Each other – you need to have a positive attitude about the people around you

7 Skills in Network Marketing:

  1. Finding prospects – this one can be done either offline or online.  At the time that I was taking this class, I was using the offline method which Eric suggested making a list of EVERYONE you know.  Take it one step further and list the people that each one on your list knows.  Now, I’m meeting people online, but the concept is really the same.  The only difference is where you find the people to talk to.  That’s it!!  He said (with the offline method) to add 2 people per day.  I say (with the online method) to meet 10 new people every day through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, or YouTube.  With either method, network on purpose.
  2. Inviting – this is all about building relationships.  The goal is to educate and inspire, build trust and transfer belief. Professionals don’t pitch and they get face to face (or phone to phone or use skype) with their prospects.  (Editor’s note – with the online version, don’t just spam people with your links in Facebook groups or on any other social media platform. Just get to know people.  It’s so much easier that way and you’ll get ahead much faster.)  The key here is to offer value and be able to solve a problem that your prospect has.  If your product or service doesn’t solve a problem, move on. You should be inviting people to 1 of 2 things: 1) an event, or 2) a tool such as a CD, DVD, magazine, website, product samples
  3. Presenting
  4. Following up
  5. Closing
  6. Getting new people started
  7. Promoting events

Eric says that the formula for financial independence in network marketing is “Your ability to get a large group of people to do a few simple things consistently over an extended period of time.”

This is just a small sample of what he taught in this class.  He now offers an annual event that sells out with 8,000 attendees every year.  Check it out on his website under Events.

I hope you got value from this sampling of Eric’s teachings.  If so, please feel free to leave me your comments below and to share with all of your friends!

Till next time,

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