How To Monetize Your Time on Facebook


Let’s face it…you’re on Facebook anyway.  Why not learn how to generate leads for your business using Facebook?

I get asked all the time “How and where do you start marketing on Facebook?” so I decided to write this blog post to answer that question.  First of all, let’s talk about the statistics of Facebook.  With over 1 billion active Facebook users, you can rest assured that you can find as many people as you can possibly want in your business, to actually listen to and follow you.  But, you have to go about it the right way without “spamming” everyone in the process and that’s what I hope to teach you here today.

Where do you start? Firstly, you need to make yourself a Facebook Fan Page (or business page as it’s sometimes called).  This is so you can keep your personal profile personal and attract people who want to hear what you’re doing (fans) to your business page.  My favorite example is the Before & After pictures that people in health and wellness companies post every day all day long.  Personally, I am not interested in those products and I’m really not interested in seeing the before and after pictures.  Don’t get me wrong…I have some friends (good ones) that are in that business and I am truly happy for them that they love what they’re doing.  I can also appreciate the fact that there are a lot of people on Facebook that would be interested in those pictures…I’m just not one of them.

The better way to market those before and after pictures would be on the fan pages with a marketing plan to get fans onto them so that only the interested people will see them.

Getting Started on Facebook With a Fan Page

1. Create a Fan Page by clicking here

2. Always brand you not your company unless you actually own the company you want to brand.

3. Choose the appropriate category for your page.

4. Add a professional profile image.

5. Add a professional cover photo image.

6. Fill out the “About Me” section thoroughly on your new Fan Page.

7. Run through the settings of the Fan Page and fill out as much information as possible about your brand.

Note: Sometimes you can claim your vanity URL when creating your page and sometimes you have to wait until 25 fans. Either way, be sure to claim it.

Example of a vanity URL:

If you don’t claim your vanity URL your page URL will be an unattractive long string of numbers.

Now that you have your fan page set up, here’s your Daily Action Guide:

1. Post status updates that will keep your audience engaged 3-7 times a day and spread the updates throughout the day so you are reaching your fans when they are online. You can use the schedule your status update at a specific time button option when creating your status update.

2. Check if you need to respond to messages from your fans who message your Fan Page.

3. Check to see if anyone has posted on your Fan Page and respond.

4. Respond to your Fans who have commented on your status updates.

Note: Always provide 90% value in your status updates and 10% status updates that would result in leads or sales.

Secondly, be consistent and follow this action guide if you want to increase your engagement on your page.

Examples of content for your status updates:

a. images

b. quotes on images

c. blog posts

d. upload videos

e. youtube videos

f. share webinars

g. interesting articles within your niche

h. thought provoking questions

i. 10% – link to offers

j. links to your other social media accounts inviting your fans to follow

k. coupon offers

l. event creation

Know your brand, know your messaging and know your product. Don’t mix your messages and appear all over the place in your messaging. Speak to your audience and become the “go to” person within your niche. Your goal is to develop the know, like, trust factor. People work with people and buy from people they know, like & trust.

Now, as far as advertising, there are 2 schools of thought.  There’s paid advertising and then there’s free. Which one’s better?  That really depends on how fast you want to build your business.  Paid is faster than free, but if you don’t have a big budget (or, any budget, as the case may be), it can be hard.  But, look around your house and figure out what you can sell or do without on a daily basis.  Give up that cup of Starbucks coffee or going out to lunch at work or with friends, so you can have money to put into your advertising.  Even if you start with $5 a day, it’s better than nothing.  That’s where I started and my mentors did too.  They now spend thousands per month, but they’re making hundreds of thousands…for them, it was all due to paid advertising through Facebook.

Free “advertising” comes in the form of engaging your followers and developing relationships just as you would at a networking event or a social gathering.  Meet people in groups that are in your niche and send them a private message just saying something like this:

“Hi firstname, I see that we are in the same group “Group Name” and I’d love to connect with you.” You can mention anything else that you have in common (for example, I’m a golfer so if I find someone who likes golf, I’ll mention that).  And, then, just build your relationship from there. Ask questions about their business or about themselves (people love to talk about themselves).  Once you feel comfortable, ask their permission to send them a link either to your offer or to your newsletter. The goal here is to offer them value so they see you as a resource and they’ll want to keep coming back.  Never send your link without asking for their permission.

Stay tuned for future blog posts on how to use paid advertising in Facebook.  I combine my efforts with paid and free at the same time.

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