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Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm on how many people see your posts and the way they figure this out is by looking at the engagement on your posts.  First, let me just be clear on the fact that you should NOT be promoting your business on your personal profile.  Facebook could very easily, shut your account down.  They are really cracking down since their goal is to make Facebook a SOCIAL network.  And, let’s face it, no one goes on Facebook to buy anything…they go to Amazon, eBay, or sites like that to buy stuff. They go to Facebook to have fun.  That’s why you should only promote your business on your fan page.  For an example of a fan page, click here to see mine.

With that said, and you have your fan page set up (preferably with your name and photo of you and not your mlm or affiliate company), the following ideas will help you increase engagement on your Facebook fan page.  You can pay Facebook to boost your posts and get more likes on your page, but the tips that I’m about to give you will show you how to get more engagement organically (i.e. FREE).  Free is better than paid, right!?

I always like to give credit where credit is due, so these are tips that I learned from Kim Garst whose fan page has over 220,000 likes.  On a daily basis she posts updates that get 500 “likes”, or 100 “shares”. Her average engagement rate is always at least 15 times the Facebook average.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be using these tips and tricks for my own fan page.

  1. Touch on current events – not the tragic ones, but taking part in the excitement of a current event by subtly associating your brand with the event, and/or keeping your brand top of mind. For instance, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event on the planet, and a status update on the event fits into any content strategy and will likely get big results from both the Facebook News Feed algorithm and your community.
  2. Understand that Post “Type” Matters – There are 4 basic types of content posted on Facebook: text-only status updates, videos, photos and links. Even after the latest algorithm changes, photo status updates are the clear winner getting considerably more organic (FREE!) reach as posts with links. Photos generate 53% more likes than an average post.
  3. Be Relatable –  Have you ever seen a post on Facebook and immediately thought, “YES! I know EXACTLY what he/she is talking about!”. This is what I mean by being relatable. Any time you can combine humor with an idea or experience that people can relate to, you have a winning combination.
  4. Build STRONG Relationships NOW for Viral Growth Later – It’s a simple fact. Your engagement rates, and likelihood of showing up in News Feeds, will increase if you take the time to be present on your page and consistently communicate with your EXISTING community (the people who have already “Liked” your page).
  5. Draw on Emotions – Associating your brand or product with a strong emotion such as love or loyalty is a great way to bump up the virality-factor. You can do this through a photo, video or even just a plain old text post; the main ingredient is simply that people feel something when they see your post.
  6. Use Humor – grab a funny picture, a joke (clean), or tell a funny story about yourself or something that happened to you.  People love humor and will engage.
  7. Ask Questions People Can’t Help but Answer
  8. Be Inspirational – You can find inspirational quotes by searching for them on the internet.  People love to be inspired.

Those are just a few ideas.  One place I use to find status updates of all types, is called Post Planner. It’s free, although they do have paid versions that allow you to do more, but I just use the free version.  From within Facebook, do a search for “Post Planner” and you’ll be taken to the page where you can get the app.

I hope this helped you figure out how to get more engagement on your fan page.  If so, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a Comment below and share this post with your whole network.

Till next time,

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19 thoughts on “How To Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Fan Page

  1. Thanks for these tips Jan. I’ve been wanting to engage more with my Facebook audience and now I have a blueprint on how! I didn’t know the info on post type percentages so thank you for sharing that.

    1. You’re right Kenny! I suppose I should have expanded on that one. Here are a couple of examples: 1) Tennis or golf?, 2) Peanut Butter & _____________________, 3) If they were writing a movie about you, which actor would play you? Post Planner, the app that I mentioned in my post has many more to choose from. Hope that helps.

  2. I have built up on a truly engaged audience despite the FB algorithm changes some of my audience still actively look for my content. Thats makes me feel good that I can still serve them. I have been looking for a FB post resource that wont get me the slap. And I found it. Thanks for that tip Jan. Thats why I love blog commenting!

  3. Hi Jan

    Thanks for those great tips. If ever a business post gets onto my personal profile it’s a mistake – but something that puzzles me a little is that people often tag me in their business posts and at the moment I mostly keep the hidden from my profile, which is a shame, because some of them are very good posts I’d like to share – but on my fanpage. What I’d like is a way to share them on my fanpage instead of my profile – I’ll have to look harder!

    I’ve not made enough use of current events either, so thanks for that tip.


    1. Joy, there is a way to share post from your personal profile to your fan page. When you click to share it, just change it from your Timeline to a Page that You Manage. Hope that helps! And, I’m glad you got some value from my post.

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