How To Become Valuable in Your Network Marketing Niche


Personal branding for your network marketing business starts with making yourself valuable to the people you want to attract. But, you say, I just want to sell the products that my company makes. That’s fine, but people don’t buy from companies…they buy from people.

I get it. Maybe you just started and someone sold you on the opportunity to make a lot of money. How many other distributors are in your company who heard the same opportunity? Your goal should be to differentiate yourself from all the other distributors so people see you as the “go to” person in your industry.

How do you do that? I’m glad you asked. Some ideas to get you started are:

  • Commit to really wanting to help people and to serve people who would want your expertise. It’s not about you. It’s about your customers. In order to help people solve their problems, you need to research (if you don’t already know) what problems that your product will solve for them. I’m sure you’ve heard that people don’t buy drills just for the sake of buying a drill. They need a hole so that’s why they buy the drill. Unless you’re solving someone’s problem, they won’t need or want your product.
  • Read the three top selling books on your topic
  • Do Facebook Live videos on your topic
  • Build a website/blog so you can share stories, case studies, tips & strategies for your industry, and sell products directly from there. The best thing about having your own website is that you own it. It’s your little piece of real estate on the internet. Social media isn’t yours and anything you post on it is owned by the platform you’re on. If you do paid advertising, Facebook and Instagram may not even allow you to post links to your products but if you direct people to your website, with a link, you’ll be able to sell anything. And, don’t worry if you have no idea how to build your own website…I can do it for you.
  • Make complicated topics easy to understand for your customers – maybe do videos to explain them in easy terms or make stories around hard topics
  • Write a book. It doesn’t have to be a NY Times Bestseller, but a PDF or eBook would be enough to show that you have experience in your field
  • Above all else, BE HONEST!! Only promote products & services that you, yourself, would buy and/or use.

Once you have those things in place (or in the process of it), start meeting people online. My favorite social media platform is Facebook. With 1.5 billion people using it, you’re bound to meet more than enough people to help you along the way. When I say “meet” I mean just like you would at a social gathering or in person networking meeting. Introduce yourself, ask the other person about themselves but NEVER pitch your product right away. When you ask the right questions to get to know them, you’ll hear what their needs are. No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy when they’re in the market.

I hope this post helps and I will be posting how-to’s soon. Even if you don’t know how to do everything, just get started. As the famous Zig Ziglar once said “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!” I’d love to see your comments and questions below. I promise to answer each one personally.

Till next time,

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