How to Be Consistent in Your Home Based Business


What would happen if you showed up for your J.O.B. once every week or even once every other day?  My bet is that you’d probably be fired.  It’s interesting to me why people who decide to start a home based business (whether it’s mlm, direct sales, internet marketing, or affiliate marketing) think they can get away with “showing up” whenever they feel like it.

I don’t care what your career path is.  Showing up once in awhile doesn’t cut it in any field.  And, it definitely won’t cut it in the world of the very highly competitive field of home based business.  When network marketing (aka mlm) first started decades ago, the only way to get the word out was in person (or, as some people call it “belly to belly”) and even when I started in mlm, that was the only way, but social media makes it so easy to share your message on a consistent basis.

So, why is it so difficult for people to remain consistent in their home business?  One reason, I believe, is because there is so much information out there and so many so-called “gurus” online and people get easily distracted by the “Shiny Object Syndrome.”  The best advice I can give you is once you’ve found a system that works for you, stick with it, unsubscribe from all of the other guru’s email lists and focus!!

Picking a system to follow is just the first step.  Having a good system to follow, though, isn’t all you need.  You need a big vision of what you want your life to look like when you reach the level of success you want.  What are your dreams?  Dream big…bigger than you’ve ever dreamed.  You’ve probably heard the saying “Your why should make you cry” and that’s true.  If your dreams and goals for your life and business aren’t big enough to make you want to get out of bed in the morning to work at your business, you won’t succeed.

Become passionate about helping others in your niche to achieve their goals too.  If it’s only about the money, it will be hard to succeed.  If you’re adding value to the marketplace, the money will come naturally and it will be much easier to be consistent because it will be more enjoyable.

Try to block out certain hours of your day to be able to cut out all distractions so you can focus on your business.  Work on one thing at a time and that way, your to do list will be manageable.

Set realistic goals and scale up when you reach each one.  For example, if you want to replace your income that you’re currently making in your job, figure out how much you’ll need to make and break that down into monthly, weekly, and daily numbers. That way, it won’t seem like such a big number and it will be more attainable.

Once you reach each goal, do something to reward yourself. Do something you enjoy in the middle of the day! As a home business owner, you have that freedom and it will help keep your eye on the next goal.

Stay plugged into the system that you’ve chosen. Participate in training calls, webinars, and daily motivation calls if they have them.  And, go to live events.  The more you surround yourself with positive people who have your success in mind, the better you’ll do.

The bottom line is treat your business like a business, do what you love, stay plugged into your system, set realistic goals, and you should be good to go!

I hope this post has helped you.  Please leave your comments below and share it with your friends if it did.

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