Do You Worry About Your Retirement?


You’re probably just like most people who work hard for their money. You worry that you might not be able to retire or if retirement is in your foreseeable future, you worry about what you will do in your retirement.

How will you spend your time? Will you be able to afford to travel the world like you’ve always dreamed of? Will you be able to finally get to join that country club and play golf 3 times a week? Will you be able to dine out with your friends several time a week? Most importantly, will you be able to spend quality time with your friends and family and not worry about how much money you have (or don’t as the case may be)?

Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker says, about retirement:

“We are, without a doubt, in uncharted waters. And many people, including your neighbors and colleagues are going to face the real likelihood of outliving their money.”

It’s reality that pensions and retirement plans aren’t what they used to be and yours might not be able to carry you through your “golden years”.

The time to do something about this doom and gloom prediction of an uncomfortable retirement, and to create a comfortable one, is NOW. It’s never too late and it doesn’t matter how old you are.  Just listen to this testimonial from an 86 year old who started his online business just a few years ago.  Frank Torchia tells you his story right here:


Don’t look at retirement as the end of your book. Look at it as a new chapter in your life. It’s one where you can still be productive on your own terms…not the terms of someone else that you may have been working for in your career. finds that nearly half of Americans place virtually no money aside for the future, fewer than one in four save more than 10% of their incomes, and only one in seven workers save more than 15%.

“But, I’ve never started my own business before and starting one has never been on my mind!” If that’s what you’re saying, let me just say that before I lost my job 14 years ago (at the age of 42), I had never thought about it either. But, what you and I have in common is our decades of experience. We’ve been around the block (so to speak) and know a thing or two.  We can use our life experiences to aid us in becoming successful and working online is a great way to have the best of both worlds.  You can earn money while traveling and doing the things you love without the pressure of having to punch a clock at a 9-5 job.  If you partner with the right company and the right mentors who already have what you’re looking for, the chances of you securing your retirement skyrocket.

I have tried several different ways of making money, including multi-level-marketing, and have seen some success, but the “talk to everyone within 3 feet of you” rule never really sat well with me, so I went searching for another way to make money…a way where I only have to talk to people who are interested in talking to me about my business.  That’s called attraction marketing and learning how to become the hunted rather than the hunter. And, I found a company that is fast becoming known as the #1 business education company online. I urge you to check it out and see for yourself what it can do for you and how this “starting your own business” thing can really work for you. Click on the image below to learn more…


So, what do you think? Are you feeling better about your retirement now? I am and I hope you join me on this journey so we can rewrite our “golden years” together! I look forward to working with you and sharing our success stories. And, just maybe, we can meet up for a round of golf on the best golf courses in the world.

Till next time,


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