Do You Do Any of These Ten Embarrassing Things?


There are many things you can be doing with your MLM, internet marketing, or affiliate marketing business that will help you stand apart from your competition, but the following 10 things are not what you want to do:

    1. Spam people with your links everywhere on social media
    2. Friend someone on Facebook with the sole purpose of selling them something

  1. PM someone on Facebook saying something like “I noticed that we are in the same groups (or have xx mutual friends) and I love to connect with like-minded individuals” Would you ever walk up to someone at a networking event and say that? No!
  2. Ask someone to join you in your business without getting to know them first
  3. Present people with a solution to a problem that they don’t have
  4. Call someone you haven’t seen in years and tell them you just started this business and you think they would be perfect for it (I’ve done this before and, trust me, it does NOT work. He practically hung up on me.)
  5. Start advertising your business to everyone and anyone
  6. Tag someone you don’t know in a photo just so you can get their attention to sell them something
  7. Add random people to groups in Facebook and lists on Twitter just so they see your offer
  8. Post the same message across all social media platforms

If you said yes to any of the 10 above, I hope you got value from this post.  Let me know in the comments below…I’d love to hear feedback.

Attraction marketing is the only way to succeed online…that is, putting value out into the marketplace and driving traffic to that value so you become the hunted rather than the hunter.  It’s a much more relaxing way to build your business.  Won’t it be great to go to a social event or out to dinner or to your kids’ sporting events and not feel pressured into bringing the subject of your business up to anyone who talks to you?  Your upline may not know the best way.

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