6 Tips For Internet Marketing Newbies


Are you wondering how you’re ever going to retire on the income you’re making right now? Have you thought about traveling the world but just don’t have enough money to fund that dream? Or, are your kids about to start college within the next few years (or are already there) and you’re at a loss for how to pay their tuition?

Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your retirement income or are looking for a way to replace your income all together, internet marketing may just be the answer. In this post, I will explain 6 tips for internet newbies and then give you an opportunity to get your own free ebook that explains everything in detail. It’s called “Internet Marketing for Newbies”.

What is Internet Marketing & Why You Should Care?

Internet marketing simply entails promoting your business on the web. Any marketing activity that is carried out online is considered “internet marketing”. What makes it so effective is that it doesn’t have to cost a huge amount to be successful. And, if you’re willing to put in consistent time and effort, then anyone can build a massive, loyal audience thereby becoming a big influencer in their niche. Another huge advantage to internet marketing is that it allows you to be able to interact with the very customers you’re trying to obtain and get feedback from them. It also allows for global growth which is huge. You’re no longer stuck behind the restraints of your local area…you can now market to people all over the world.

How To Pick A Niche

Choosing your niche is one of the most important steps in creating a successful online business and the reason for this is that it will directly impact the amount of competition as well as the size of your audience. If your subject is ‘health’ then you’re going to be going up against millions of other websites and this is going to make your life very difficult indeed.

Another important consideration when choosing a niche is what you can offer the audience and how much they are likely to spend. When creating a product, it is always useful to think in terms of the value proposition . This basically refers to what your product is offering to the buyer and what gives it its value, which should be much greater than the face value.

It’s also important to have a very clear target audience in mind. Draw up a buyer persona and think about the exact kind of person who would be interested in your product. Do they have enough disposable income? And do you know where you can reach them in order to market your product?

If that all sounds a bit confusing, then the best way to pick a niche is often to find a very big and popular niche with a strong value proposition (fitness, finance, business, dating) and then to ‘narrow down’ to find a specific section within that niche. For example:

● Fitness for the over 50s

● Fitness for nerds (‘NerdFitness.com’ is a highly popular website)

● Fitness for X condition

● Fitness for martial artists

● Online business for students

● Making money online for stay-at-home Moms

Try and think of something that is original as possible, while at the same time making sure that there’s a big audience there and that you can solve a specific need.

At the same time, try and choose a niche that you genuinely have an interest in and some knowledge about. This will help you to write better blog posts and will ensure that you don’t get bored of your business over time. This is actually one of the most important tips – so don’t be motivated by money alone or you’re likely to find your business lacks staying power.

In short, try to have an entire business plan ready before you even begin writing. Know your strategy, know your end game and let your niche dictate all that.

A Basic Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Most people get on social media and immediately start promoting a link to their products and that is the total opposite of what you should be doing. People don’t go onto social media to buy anything. They go on social media to be social…to have fun…to check up on their long lost friends to see what’s up with them and their families. So, when you think about your social media strategy, think about providing value through your posts and actually try to help people with their problems. Inspiring posts are also great ways to gain followers. If people feel like you care about them and are going to help them through a problem that they’re having in their business or life, they will most likely follow you and eventually will buy whatever it is your selling. Most people ask people to “marry them” first without ever asking the first question about who they are or what their challenges are.

The aim is to provide real value and the way to know if you’re doing this well is to ask yourself: would people be disappointed if you stopped posting to your account? Not just your blog – but your social media channels? Your social media needs to be able to stand on its own two feet and be something that people enjoy in its own right. That’s how you gain followers and shares and that’s how you get people to visit your site and buy your products.

The key for social media marketing is to post regularly and to be consistently on-topic. Don’t create a blog on fitness but continuously post on social media about your love of gardening or people will get tired and they’ll leave.

How frequent should this be? Ideally, the more frequently you post the better. Several times a day is generally recommended, especially since sites like Facebook will only show each post to a small percentage of your followers.

Once you’ve gotten some followers and they start “Liking” Commenting, and Sharing your posts, interact with them. After all, it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. Treat social media as if you’re walking into a big room filled with people (i.e. a party or networking event) and it’s your goal to get to know people before you leave. Social media is just another way to meet people.

How To Attract Leads For Your Business On Social Media

Once have a social media presence, the fastest way to get leads for your business is through paid advertising (also known as PPC or Pay Per Click). Pay Per Click essentially means that as an advertiser, you only get charged each time someone actually clicks on one of your advertisements. So, in other words, it doesn’t cost you anything to have your advertisement published on a website or on social media – if no one ever clicks on it, you will never pay a cent! But each time someone does click it, you will be charged X amount of money. This has a lot of handy advantages, as do many of the other features of PPC.

There’s another great benefit to PPC advertising too and that’s that it allows you to very precisely target specific types of visitors. Targeting means ensuring that only people that you really want to see your ads see them and that can prevent you from wasting money advertising to people who won’t be interested in buying from you. If you’re selling skateboards to skaters, then you should find your conversion rate goes up significantly versus trying to sell pens to skaters.

With Facebook Ads, your advertisements will show on users’ Facebook pages on the right or in their home feeds. You can then ensure that people only see the ads if they are the right age and sex, if they have the right hobbies and interests, if they have the right income and if they are in the right location.

What is Affiliate Marketing? And the World of Internet Marketing

If you’re selling a digital product, then there is another very effective way to gain a lot more sales and that is to get other marketers to promote it for you. The best way to do this is via ‘affiliate marketing’ and learning about affiliate marketing is important if you want to understand a lot of the conversation you’ll find in marketing forums and elsewhere. Essentially, an affiliate is someone who promotes an online product in exchange for commission. So, if you sold an ebook for 40% commission, that would make you an affiliate. To do this, you simply use a URL that is unique to you. When someone clicks on that link, they will be redirected via a page that will leave a cookie on their computer and they will be identified as having been sent by you.

Making money as an affiliate is also a very important strategy for internet marketers. Internet marketers make money by promoting the products of other creators and that allows them to make a big money without having to invest lots of time or effort into creating their own products. What’s more, is that by selecting an existing product rather than making one from scratch, you can remove the risk element by focusing on a product that is already selling very well. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a website and to build a business with zero up-front investment.

Why Email Marketing is Crucial For Success in Internet Marketing

If someone lands on your site for the first time and you try to sell them a copy of your ebook or a service, then you should expect to find that this is more likely than anything to just drive them away. Think of it a little bit like asking for someone’s number before they’ve even had a chance to get to know you!

Much more successful, is to spend some time establishing that trust and familiarity – but you do need to ensure that they come back in order to do that. This is where a mailing list comes in: it gives you a way to contact your visitors directly and represents permission to message them more importantly.

In order to start collecting emails and sending them out, you will need a tool called an ‘autoresponder’. This is what will enable you to create forms as well  as letting you manage new subscribers, people who want to leave your list etc. Good examples of autoresponder services include: Aweber (Aweber.com), GetResponse (GetResponse.com) and MailChimp (MailChimp.com). Don’t ignore this aspect of your marketing – many gurus suggest that it is the most effective tool in your arsenal!

I hope you’ve gotten a lot from this blog post. It’s been fun to write because I know that if you read it thoroughly, you’ll start to get a great idea of what internet marketing is and how you can be successful with it. To dig in even deeper, please grab your FREE copy of my new eBook called “Internet Marketing for Newbies.


Please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your feedback. And, also, if you’ve gotten value from this, please share it with all of your friends who may be interested in the content.

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