3 Top Areas You Need to Focus on In Your Online Business


Navigating through the world of internet marketing can be quite challenging.  If you keep these 3 points in mind, you will feel much more relaxed about the direction of your business and you will move forward easily.

Stay Focused

Get clear on why you want success in your online business.  If you say you want to quit your job, WHY?  What will it look like when you’re home from your job?  You really need to put your emotion into your business.  If you’re going through the steps without emotion, you won’t get very far.

Focus on 1 marketing method and master it.  It’s impossible to learn everything about every marketing method online.    That would be like deciding to be a dentist but then trying to learn how to be a surgeon, a pediatrician, and a orthopedic surgeon all at the same time…it’s NOT going to work, folks.  If you’re social and like Facebook, learn Facebook marketing.  If you like public speaking, get good at video marketing.

Learn and implement.  This might sound a little basic and something you think you would say, “Duh…of course I’ll implement what I learn” but it’s not that simple…when you’re on the internet learning (and you’re an entrepreneur who gets distracted like I used to), the next shiny object might look really good to you so you jump over to that and start learning that methodology.  DON’T DO THAT!!!!!!  Trust me, I’ve been there and done that and I finally learned that I was never going to be successful until I implemented each thing before moving on to the next thing.

If you focus on those 3 areas, your feeling of overwhelm will diminish and your feeling of accomplishment will increase!

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To your success!




3 thoughts on “3 Top Areas You Need to Focus on In Your Online Business

  1. Great points, Jan. When we start out on blogging or internet marketing it is often difficult to have any direction. Sometimes we start a new blog with the experience of a previous effort, which is always a few steps ahead.

    Enjoy the journey!

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