27 Ways to Work From Home To Supplement Your Retirement Income


How much money have you saved for your retirement? If it’s not at least $1 million, you need some help! If you’re approaching retirement age or in retirement but don’t quite know how you’ll be able to survive on the income (or lack thereof) that you have, then you’re in luck! I’m here to help you figure out how to start dreaming about a nice retirement again (or for the first time).

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money out there. You just need to be creative or, if you’re like me, use your best friend on the internet named Google! LOL! Below is my list of 27 different ways to make money in your retirement.

Online Mock juror – this is an interesting one that I never knew about before I did my research for this post. You sign up online and if there are lawyers in your area who use the system and they request jurors, you’ll get an email and you’ll be able to post your opinions on the cases right from your computer. Then, they pay you for your time up to $60 per case. The two websites I found are eJury and OnlineVerdict.

Sell stuff on eBay, Etsy, Amazon – look around your house and find items that you don’t need anymore. Take photos and post them online on websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. I have used eBay and Amazon before. Etsy is more artsy so if you are an artist or make jewelry or crafts, it’s perfect. There are fees associated with eBay and Amazon so you need to be aware of that…price your items with that in mind (I’ve made that mistake before and actually lost money).

Affiliate marketingThis is actually my pick. It can be extremely lucrative if you pick the right system and put in time and effort. I’ve done a lot of research and have found really bad systems until I found the one! The reason I like this one is that they give you a personal coach to walk you through all of the steps and they provide you with all of the marketing tools you need in order to be successful. The best part about this option to supplement your retirement income is that you can work from wherever you want whenever you want. That means you can live your dream retirement, traveling the world or staying home, while earning a potential fortune.

Copywriting – You don’t need to be a novelist to write copy. Turn your words into cash as a variety of copywriting websites like London Brokers, Copify, or Indeed. London Brokers is great for a learn-by-doing opportunity. They have easy-to-follow tutorials, live support, lots of topics to choose from, and they pay twice a week to your PayPal account. The faster and more efficient you get, the more you get paid!

You can also use Upwork to look for editing, copywriting and other creative jobs.

Rent A Grandma – young parents who live in your area without family may really need a “Grandma” for their kids. If you like kids and would like to help a young parent out, this would be great for you! Click here to apply!

Blogging – If you’re passionate about writing, this may be a good option for you. When you consistently blog about a subject you love and want to get the message out there, you can start a blog for free. All you need is a domain (website name – usually best to use your name so people can find you) and the knowledge to be able to make money blogging. I suggest this course written by blogging expert Ray Higdon.

Housesitting – advertise locally that you’d love to watch your neighbors homes while they’re away. It’s fun and could be very lucrative. Set your own fees and do it on your own flexible schedule.

Tutoring – maybe you’re a retired teacher or just someone who’s really good at a given subject. This is a great way to give back to your community and tutor young students who are struggling with their studies. Contact your local school districts to find out more.

Mystery shopping – this is a fun way to shop, eat, and get paid for it. Every big retailer and restaurant chain look for mystery shoppers where you pick the jobs you want, they send you the criteria to look for when you’re there, you submit your expenses and review your experience and they pay you for it. But, be careful of scams. Never pay to become a mystery shopper. If someone asks you to send money, run the other way and look for other opportunities. You can visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) website at mysteryshop.org to search a database of mystery shopper assignments and learn how to apply for them. The MSPA offers certification programs for a fee, but you don’t need “certification” to look – or apply – for assignments in its database.

Pet sitting – Everyone loves to go on vacation or go away for the weekend, but the biggest issue people have is what to do with their beloved pets. If you’re an animal lover, this would be perfect for you. Spread the word in your local area that you’re available for pet sitting.

Dog walking – same concept as pet sitting, but this would be a day job when people are working or otherwise not at home. You could charge per dog or have different package prices. Just like pet sitting, spread the word in your local area that you’re available for dog walking.

Handyman services – if you’re handy, this is perfect for you. This is a very high demand job and could be very lucrative for you. Networking and spreading the word in your local community that you’re available as a handyman will help you get started. There’s a website called HomeAdvisor.com that I really like for finding trades people to work around my house and they are always looking for quality professionals. Check it out!

Eldercare – This one could be emotionally rewarding as well as financially. Our elders need someone to watch out for them. Not only do they need medical advocates, but they need someone to take care of their bills, errands, taking them to doctors’ appointments, etc. This is especially true if they don’t have any family around.

Rent out extra space in your home – If you have extra space in your home, this could be great (especially if you live alone and you’re lonely). You can charge for part of your mortgage and utilities. If you don’t have a mortgage anymore, at least it would cover all of your utilities, landscaping, and maintenance. It’s a win-win for you and your tenants! But, be careful who you bring into your home.

If you like to garden, sell your produce at farmer’s markets – Now’s the season to look for farmer’s markets in your area and you can find them every day of the week in different areas of your city.

Sell your services on Fiverr.com – This is a website where you can offer your services for a fee. They have everything imaginable so if you have an expertise that you think other people may be willing to pay for, post it on there. Check out the website to get some ideas and to see how it works.

Become a local guide through Vayable.com – If you’re like I am, I’m very proud of my city and this would be a really fun way to show your pride.

Contract consulting – for long term projects, offer contracts to local companies or individuals who are doing work in your area of expertise.

Online surveys Cash Crate is a great paid surveys site. Trying new free products and services, taking consumer research surveys, and referring others can pay you. You can also earn money back on your own online purchases, and win prizes for socializing and playing games. (What?!) But, that’s not why we love it. We love it because of the community and transparency. Cash Crate has an active forum where their two million members exchange tips and ideas.

Get hired doing other people’s task through TaskRabbit – for more general jobs that people will pay you to do, such as picking up shopping. Simply go to the website and browse, then pick the jobs that you are capable of and put in a bid.

Become a Yoga instructor – If you love yoga, this may be the way to go. Contact your local gyms and/or yoga studios to get started.

Teach English as a second language – Teach English as a Second Language online at Kukuspeak. You meet with Chinese students one-on-one from your home computer via the Kukuspeak website. You don’t need a degree or certification, just a strong command of the English language. Opportunities exist to teach at every level. What better way to meet people from another culture without leaving home?

Tour or museum guide – Go to your local  museums and become a docent. What a great way to see art.

Cooking, baking, or catering – You’ve been cooking and baking for your family for a long time. Why not start getting paid for it?

Continue your current career and work fewer hours from home – Talk to your boss to see if you can make arrangements to work from home and on your own time rather than on a set schedule.

Make YouTube videos – If you like public speaking and you have something to teach, YouTube is a great place to publish videos. Learn how to use it correctly and you can make a lot of money.

Real estate sales – Become a realtor and work your own schedule. This is very lucrative if you don’t mind paying your dues at first while you’re learning the ropes.

I hope you got some good ideas by reading this article. Please feel free to leave your comments below and let me know which ideas you’ll be implementing. If you have any questions, let me know!

To your success,

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