Why Social Media Is Crucial to Your Success in Network Marketing

Are you tired of approaching your aunts, uncles, cousins, and/or friends to try to recruit them into your network marketing business?  Do home parties make you gag because you just don’t like to have business meetings at home? Do you just want to go out and enjoy your evening without feeling like the waiter and waitress would be perfect for your business? If you’re anything like me, you don’t feel comfortable feeling like you need to talk to everyone within 10 feet of you at any social or business gathering about your business. Continue reading

So Many Social Media Platforms…Which One Should You Choose?

You’ve decided on your social media strategy that you want to move ahead with. Or not…Let’s assume that you don’t know what method you’d like to use. That’s where I come in.  We’re going to figure out which direction you want to take.
My best advice for figuring out which strategy you’ll use is to use the method that you resonate with.  That is, do what you like to do.  I love the “social” social networks like Facebook and Twitter where you can actually have real conversations with people.  So, if you are a social person and like meeting new
people in real time, go with Facebook or Twitter.

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Attraction Marketing: What Is It & Why Use It for Your Network Marketing Business

What do you think about when you first hear the term “Attraction Marketing?”  Being attracted to someone that you’d like to date? Being attracted to someone or something?  Marketing effectively so people will buy from you?  You would be right with both answers because attraction is chemical and it elicits emotions in people to make them do things that they may not do otherwise. Continue reading