What’s Your MLM Blueprint?

This is a long post, but it’s totally worth the read!!! What’s your MLM Blueprint? In his groundbreaking book, Kody Bateman delves into our mindset when we think about MLM. His checklist is as follows:

Current (ongoing) – Exposures Checklist:

1. What others think and feel about MLM
2. What you think and feel about MLM
3. What you choose to expose yourself to about MLM
4. The three shutdowns in MLM:
– When your prospect shuts you down
– When your new team member shuts you down
– When duplication on your team shuts down
5. The three rise-abodes in MLM:
– When people rise and cheer for your people
– When you rise and cheer for your people
– When your check rises and you cheer

Significant Historical Exposures For You To Analyze:

1. Your first exposure – the first time you can remember hearing about the concept of MLM
2. Exposures where other people affected you, positively or negatively
3. Exposure that sold you on the MLM concept
4. Exposure that created a money blueprint for MLM, where you established a belief as to how much money you could make
5. When you first joined an MLM and what your experience was
6. Exposures that shut you down and exposures that helped you rise above

All of these make up your personal MLM Blueprint and will help you realize why you are or are not having the success that you desire.

I highly recommend Kody Bateman’s book and it’s available on Amazon by clicking this link —> MLM Blueprint: Your Subconscious Journey to Network Marketing Success.


MLM Blueprint


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