10 Sources of Content for Your Home Business Blog


Screenshot 2015-11-24 15.33.54Do you have a content marketing plan for your blog? When you sit down at your keyboard to write your daily post (which, if you really want to be a successful blogger, you must post daily), do the words flow from your fingertips easily?

If you’re like me when I started blogging, the answer to those questions is NO.  That’s ok…you’re in the right place!  I’m going to outline some ways for you to get content that you may not even realize you already have available to you, even if you’re new to the world of home based business and you don’t have any results to speak of yet.  You ready?  Ok…let’s go!!

The best advice on this topic that I’ve ever heard is from my mentor, Ray Higdon.  He coined the term ILT which means Invest, Learn, Teach.  When you begin any career, job, or project, there’s always a learning curve and you need to invest your time and sometimes money on the course (s) that will teach you what you need to know in order to succeed.  So, the invest and learn part is pretty easy.  It’s the last part that most people just don’t do and this is the BEST method for finding content for your blog (written or video).  As you’re learning, you should be teaching what you learn.  Look at your bookshelves at all the books you’ve bought and all the courses you’ve already taken and all the notes you’ve already taken.  Ray calls all of that “uncashed checks”.  Until I heard him say that, I was guilty of investing and learning but not teaching.  WOW!!!  It seems so obvious now.

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